10 Best Web Development Language and Tools in 2020

Web development tools help web developers make sense of code. Web developers can easily create functional websites with the help of these tools; DevTools can write, test, and debug the website code. There are many web development tools with varying properties and functions, and according to your abilities, you can choose what fits your requirements best.

We have compiled a list of 10 best web development tools you can use in 2020.

10 Best Web Development Language and Tools in 2020
Web Development
  1. HTML5 Boilerplate

Starting with a fundamental and user-friendly web coding language program, HTML5 is a must-have for any web developer. HTML5 has simplified the process of creating a website, they have enhanced the facilities of their new-age updates and tech of development tools to save time and create functional, attractive websites.

2. CSS

CSS is mostly focused on the design of the webpage. Once you have created the foundation of the website with HTML5 you can use CSS to style the web page accordingly and make it more aesthetically pleasing to visitors.


3. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is CSS but more convenient. It is a CSS framework that helps developers create high-quality designs with minimal effort. Unlike CSS, this DevTool allows you to create an attractive website by writing a few lines of code. Creating a site through CSS takes time as you have to do everything from scratch but with Bootstrap, there are readymade functions that you can immediately use.

4. JavaScript

Another fundamental tool any web developer must have in their arsenal. JavaScript is used to program the behavior of a web page by making them interactive by using interesting visual effects i.e. animations. It can also be used for other operations like DOM manipulation as well as CSS manipulation. JavaScript not only can handle front-end development but also back-end development via Node.js.

5. PHP

This well-known web application programming language is used to build Facebook and Wikipedia. PHP is a server scripting language that is used to perform database operations and many more.


6. WampServer

This software package includes Apache, MySQL, and PHP, and is specifically designed for Windows. If you are using PHP to build your site, downloading this on to your operating system will be greatly helpful. With MySQL and Apache both available as well, you can develop the web site with ease.

7. IconFinder

Eliminate the hassle of creating icons for your site by opting for IconFinder, it is a database of free website icons. If you want to save time then browsing IconFinder for the perfect icon for your site is better than spending a lot of time creating an icon from scratch. This is a very useful tool for any web developer.

8. ONE subscription

This is an effective tool that grants access to a multitude of digital products. It supports the launching of blogs, online stores, landing pages, and the development of many varieties of user-friendly, creative websites. ONE Subscription also includes a collection of themes and templates, plugins, graphic elements, and other useful services.

9. Creative Tim

This tool is similar to Bootstrap, and you can create websites faster and Creative Tim can also be used to create mobile applications. This DevTool can be used to create all the in-built features necessary for a functional and user-friendly website.

10. Angular JS

This open-source web application is a front-end developer tool, it works by extending the HTML syntax to create web applications or websites. It simplifies the process by making it more accessible and readable making Angular JS an easy to use DevTool for any web developer.

Angular JS

All these web development tools are easy to use and are sure to help web developers create outstanding websites and applications in no time. Web development tools keep improving with time and are becoming more accessible and convenient to use.

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